Only the application of astute investment criteria can maximize the possibilities for entrepreneurial success. Acorn Campus selects investments that adhere to Wayne Gretzky's model for achieving victory: Go where the puck will be—not where it is.

Acorn seeks core technologies and products on which to build forward-looking businesses in communications, wireless, semiconductor, photonics, internet and life science field. This focused strategy ensures that Acorn invests only in businesses that can grow into profitability, withstanding market fluctuations and cyclical adjustments.

Acorn Campus Investment Philosophy

Acorn stands at the forefront of the company-creation business. One reason is that Acorn understands the greater potential in companies formed around new ideas. In short, disruptive technologies yield higher multiples. And Acorn adds considerable value to the processes involved.

The principal values Acorn sought are these:

  • Strong team with solid core competency
  • Viable intellectual property
  • Industry paradigm shift and disruptive technologies
  • Technology with high entry barriers
  • Fit with the synergy of Acorn Campus portfolio companies
  • Significant growth rate expected in specific segment